Drone Inspection Services

We provide the perfect solution for inspecting infrastructure from a safe distance—drone inspections. Our drones are equipped with high–resolution cameras, allowing us to provide detailed aerial views of the infrastructure you need to monitor. Our services provide a safer, more cost–effective, and time–efficient alternative to traditional inspection methods. We use cutting–edge technology to provide accurate, real–time data and detailed images that can be used to monitor the condition of your infrastructure.

Our drones are equipped with sensors and specialized software that allow for accurate, non–destructive testing that can detect faults, cracks, and other issues. We are able to provide comprehensive drone inspections at any location, regardless of the size of the area. We can even inspect difficult–to–reach areas, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding or ladders. Our experienced team is also available to help with the analysis of the data collected by the drone. For more information about our drone inspection services, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a tailored solution that meets your needs.


Our partnership with EROCK Aerospace (a division of EROCK Associates, LLC) is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, aka ‘Drone,’ data capture and video production company using the latest in UAV technology. We have been working with the California Department of Water Resources on major infrastructure projects. We provide high resolution photos, videos and data that can be processed into maps and 3d models. High resolution data that previously took months to capture can now be done in hours or days providing with those working remotely with real-time data.


Installation & Maintenance

Having staff climb on top structures is time consuming and dangerous. Data can be safely collected showing potential obstructions to panel installs without ever leaving the ground.

Testing individual panels with handheld equipment can be time and labor intensive. Drone Thermal Imaging can isolate multiple defective panels within a single mission therefore reducing inspection time without putting staff in harm’s way.

Live Aerial View

While the drone is in the air you can make evaluation in ‘real time’ and determine problematic areas immediately through the pilot’s monitor.

Save Time and Money

By utilizing drones instead of manually inspecting rooftops and solar arrays time will be saved, productivity and safety will be increased, all while simultaneously reducing cost due to improved efficiency.